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The Corvine Press

Raven's Nest

16 July 1987
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I am a recent college grad majoring in English Literature and minoring in Japanese. I am hoping to become an Editor, NOT an English teacher. (As if that is the only career left open to me.)

I am Black American, with some German, Irish, Pygmy and who knows what else thrown in for fun.

I am a Christian who adheres to no specific denomination as I find that none of them appeal to me any more strongly than another. I am more liberal than most, but still consider myself conservative in certain areas which I will not name here. I try not to let differences in opinion keep me from appreciating other cultures and ethnic groups. I love learning new things about people.

I love reading and writing, but reading most of all. Most of the things posted here will probably be writing related.

This journal will probably be my rants and ravings, some updates on what's going down in my life and notices of updates to my art, original fiction or my fanfiction (Whenever I get around to writing it).